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Understanding Entry points

Entry points refer to surfaces where users can initiate conversations with Business Messages agents. These entry points vary in appearance and location. You can activate your account through two groups of entry points:

  • Google Seach,

  • Google Maps.

each containing multiple entry points.

Supporting more entry points for your agent enhances its visibility and encourages more interactions.

In LiveChat, you can choose to enable Google Seach, Google Maps or both groups of entry points. Each group will automatically activate all the entry points within the group, yet it doesn't guarantee that your account will be available at all potential entry points within that group. The exact entry point used for your business is defined by Google to optimize the likelihood of your end customer starting a chat with you.

Google Search entry points

The Google Search entry point group (Non-local) includes all entry points that don't rely on locations and are available directly in Google Search results for the domains you set up in your Google Messages Account.

There are 2 entry points in this group: Featured snippets and Sitelinks

Featured snippet

End users can chat with you when they find your contact information through Search.

Features snippet is available on all major browsers on Desktop. For mobile, users can access Features snippet chat option using an Android device or Google Maps for iOS app on an iOS device.


End users can chat with you when sitelinks are displayed in Search results.

Sitelinks are available on Android devices only


Google Maps entry points

Google Maps group (Local-based) is available only after you add locations of your brand in LiveChat and will display a Chat button on the Maps entry point and a Placesheet.


End users can chat with you when they find your business location on Google Maps

Maps are available on Android and iOS devices



End users can chat with you when they find your business location through Search.

Placesheet supports iOS (with the Maps app installed), Android, and Desktop.


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