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WhatsApp features explained

With our robust WhatsApp Business integration, you can seamlessly engage with your customers on WhatsApp directly from LiveChat.

You can add multiple agents can serve your customers at the same time, solving customers’ problems in a flash using the most popular file formats like photos, voice messages, location, etc.

If you’re adding multiple phone numbers, you can assign WhatsApp chats to a group of agents dedicated to this channel for seamless communication, e.g. from different departments or for different geographies.

Moreover, you can send proactive outbound messages to your customers! Create entire marketing campaigns to inform your customers about current promotions, send satisfaction surveys,
and much more!

Drive informed decisions using the campaign performance reports

Continue reading about the LiveChat WhatsApp business features below:

Coming up soon:

  • Welcome messages

  • Ice breakers

  • WhatsApp commands

  • WhatsApp Flows

  • e-commerce Product Catalog

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