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FAQ and Troubleshooting

Why can’t I see the Message Button after launching Google Business Messages?

Google Business Messages only works on native Google applications, and some Entry points are available on Desktop. If you launched your Google Business Messages channel by clicking Launch, it may take up to 8 hours for Google to update the Google Search and Maps for the Chat button to become visible. This launch time may also differ for each device.

Is it possible to connect different Google Business profiles?

Certainly, it's possible to connect multiple accounts linked to Google Business Messages, with each account connected to a distinct Google Business Profile. Moreover, you can connect various locations within your Google Business Messages accounts.

Can I add and remove locations after connecting to the Channel?

Yes, you can add, launch, and unlaunch locations through the Channel Configuration tools.

How do I turn off Google Chat in my Google Business Profile?

Turn off your Google Chat to receive incoming messages on the platform instead of Google Chat.

  1. Access your Google Business Profile (search "my business"), click View Profile

  2. Click Messages from the menu

  3. Select Turn off chat in the top-right corner

Can I connect and launch a verified location or already connected to other platforms or workspaces?

You can connect to a verified location or one associated with other platforms or workspaces. However, if it's already active elsewhere, launching won't be possible, and an error message will appear. To proceed, you'll need to manually deactivate the location from its current active platform or workspace before trying to launch it in LiveChat.

Why Can't launch a local address?

The root cause is that the location was launched by a different partner. Please write an e-mail to Our support will contact Google to launch your local locations.

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