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Understanding Telegram for Business features

The Telegram for Business channel is focused on connecting Telegram users with your brands and businesses. We are constantly improving this channel by adding more features every month.

Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 11.56.53.png

In the current version of Telegram for Business, you can:

  • test the channel entirely for free with 50 first chats you’re getting after installation

  • add an unlimited number of Telegram accounts

  • assign each Telegram account to a separate Livechat group for a smart distribution among agents

  • use the channel by an unlimited number of agents

  • after upgrading to PRO version for just $10/month you can have an unlimited number of chats

  • use quick replies, rich messages, send photos, documents, emojis, etc

  • see extended information about your customer in the Chat details section

  • integrate Telegram for Business channel with Chatbot

  • integrate Telegram for Business channel with EasyBot

Coming soon still in April '24:

  • possibility to edit the Telegram bot inside LiveChat instead of just inside the Telegram

  • possibility to add menu items to a Telegram conversations

  • possibility to automate commands inside Telegram

Coming still in H1 '24:

  • customer location details

  • message broadcasting in group chats

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