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Click to WhatsApp link

Click to chat is a very simple form to initiate a conversation with someone who doesn’t want to save their contact information in the address book. The mechanism is working based on generated link according to format:[number] so the final URL structure is:

When you click on the above link you’ll be redirected to the WhatsApp webpage pop-up window which will trigger a message window to the target number included in the URL link.

This method works on mobile and desktop devices.


Desktop preview


Mobile preview


Redirected to WhatsApp

For the branded Chat logo buttons please follow the guidelines attached here


HTML code examples

  • to embed SVG image:

  • <a aria-label="Chat on WhatsApp" href=""> <img alt="Chat on WhatsApp" src="WhatsAppButtonGreenLarge.svg" />

    <a />

  • to embed PNG image

  • <a aria-label="Chat on WhatsApp" href=""> <img alt="Chat on WhatsApp" src="WhatsAppButtonGreenLarge.png" />

    <a />

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