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Customer's info on Chat Details page

The collection of customer contact details is not merely a procedural task but a strategic imperative for companies aiming to thrive in today's competitive marketplace. By establishing direct lines of communication, tailoring marketing efforts, nurturing customer relationships, gathering feedback, and ensuring compliance, businesses can unlock a wealth of opportunities for growth, innovation, and sustained success.

To meet the requirements, WhatsApp allows you to collect customer contact details.


Customer details

In the chats tab, on the top right hand side please click on “Customer detailsimage-20240321-101032.png icon.


Here you can find all integration details that have been collected with a particular chat as:

company number currently used to establish a conversation

customer’s WhatsApp number

Additionally, you can see what is the group that conversation lands in.


Collecting customer data is essential for businesses to understand their clientele on a deeper level and foster lasting relationships. This data serves as the foundation for targeted marketing campaigns, personalized communication, and effective customer relationship management.

Based on the above details collected in LiveChat you can build your customer contact book and use it further in sending broadcast messages in Campaigns.

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