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Verifying your Meta Business Account

Meta Business Account

To verify your Meta Business Account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Your Meta Business Account: Visit the Meta Business Manager website and log in using your credentials.

  2. Navigate to Business Info


  3. Access Business Verification: Within the settings, look for an option labeled "Business verification status” and click “View details” button


Verification process

  1. Start Verification Process: Upon accessing the verification section, you'll likely encounter instructions and requirements for verification. These can vary depending on your location and the specific requirements set by Meta. Follow the prompts to initiate the verification process. The process you can trigger in Security Center by “start verification” button


  1. Provide Necessary Information: You'll be asked to provide certain information and documentation to verify your business identity. This may include your business name, address, tax ID number, and legal documentation such as business licenses or articles of incorporation.



  1. Submit Documentation: Upload the required documents through the provided interface. Make sure the documents are clear, legible, and meet the specified requirements. This might include scanned copies or clear photographs of the necessary paperwork.

  2. Wait for Review: After submitting your documents, Meta will review the information provided to verify the authenticity of your business. This process may take some time, so be patient and allow for processing.

  3. Confirmation: Once your business account has been successfully verified, you'll receive confirmation from Meta. This may come in the form of an email notification or a message within your Business Manager dashboard.

  4. Check Account Status: After verification, periodically check the status of your account to ensure ongoing compliance with Meta's policies and any updates or changes to verification requirements.

  5. Maintain Compliance: Ensure that your business continues to comply with Meta's policies and guidelines to maintain your verified status. This may include updating information as needed and adhering to advertising policies and community standards.

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