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LiveChat WhatsApp Business Reports

You can filter out LiveChat reports by WhatsApp Business channel with a designated filter. You can give it a go in by using the Total chats report and Chat duration report offered by LiveChat!

Total chats report

View how many chats are coming your way on a particular day and time. It’s handy to see if your efforts to increase/decrease the number of chats are working and to estimate how many agents you need on a specific shift.

Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 14.46.57.png

Chat duration report

This report shows the average chat duration for a given period and compares agent chatting time with the entire chat duration.

  • Agent chatting time – shows how much time agents spend chatting with customers.

  • Chat duration – includes the chatting time of your agents, the chatting time of bots, and the time spent in queues.

Check the total average and compare it to the average of a specific agent to see if they take an appropriate amount of time to solve cases.

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