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Template Messages for WhatsApp

Template messages are created and stored on the Meta side under Meta Business available on this link.

WhatsApp Manager Template

  1. In the very first step, we need to choose one of three categories of our message

    1. Marketing

    2. Utility

    3. Authentication

Then additional fields which need to be entered are name and message language.

Note: The name must be provided without spaces, you can use special characters as underscore _

Category choose


  1. The template messages allow you to send conversations with two types of header it’s text or media(attached Image, Video, Document or Location)

  1. Going to prepare your draft message all fields as Body with the main message, Footer must be populated. You can enrich your templates with buttons(numbers, quick replies) and URL’s.

  1. As we fill in all required fields our message will be shown to the Customer as on the below preview available on on top right-hand side.

Message preview

  1. When all is ready let’s try to save and click submit on the top corner of the page.

Category match validation on Meta


Note: Meta detected that our chosen category doesn’t match. Please change according to Meta’s hint as recommended and hit the Continue button.

  1. Now when we save our message it’s visible on the list. As we can see the status is In review, so that means that Meta is verifying the content and language included in the template.


Note: Verification time is depending the type of verification by algorithm or manual. The second takes longer but the whole process should takes approximately 4 business days.

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