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WhatsApp Business platform requirements

Get your WhatsApp Business channel working there’s just a handful of elements you need to have to begin:

  • Facebook account - to be able to onboard the number, you need to have a Facebook profile with Admin permissions to your Business. If you haven’t created a Meta business yet, that’s okay; you can do this as a part of the onboarding process. Still, you’ll need a Facebook user to get started.

  • WhatsApp number - any phone number really that can accept SMS and voice calls will be fine. This can be a physical SIM card or a virtual number. At LiveChat, we don’t provide phone numbers.

If you have a WhatsApp number already connected to your WhatsApp phone app, you’d need to delete this number from the app, before adding in to Livechat.

Meta is not allowing the same number to be connected to different WhatsApp apps at the same time.

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