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Getting Started

Can your customers reach you in a few seconds using WhatsApp? Can you reach them?

Regardless of your answer, this integration can help you grow your business whether you already use WhatsApp as your communication channel or want to start using it.


WhatsApp has over 2,4 billion users who send 100 billion messages daily; you can be sure that among them are the potential customers that will help you create new business opportunities. But when you integrate WhatsApp with LiveChat, you can also:

  • save money and time, as with this integration, you get 100 FREE user-initiated conversations and onboard yourself in minutes

  • answer your customers faster, as you see their messages in the LiveChat app, and you can answer using template messages

  • boost your sales by sending your customers marketing campaigns, discount codes, etc.

In our WhatsApp help center you’ll discover how to get this channel working in no time:

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