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Sending campaigns

What are the campaigns for WhatsApp business integration?

This feature allows you to easily send a message on WhatsApp to many customers simultaneously. With just a few clicks, you can create a visually appealing message that will reach the intended recipients. You don’t need to install any additional tool or app—you’ll do all of it in the LiveChat dashboard.

After each sending, you can check a detailed report showing the message's effectiveness. You’ll find data about how many people have read your message, responded to it, and more.

What can I use the Campaign feature for?

You can use it anytime you need to convey something to your customers, but it will be the best option for:

  • creating marketing campaigns (massive or small)

  • informing your customers about your current promotions

  • sending a promo code to your best customers

  • automating the replays with Chatbot

  • asking your customers for an opinion about your company

Why should you use the Campaigns?

One word: effectiveness.

People get LOTS of marketing emails every day. They rarely even open them, not to mention click the links and buttons inside. According to ConstantContact*, in 2023, the average open rate of a marketing email is 34,46%, and the average click rate is only 1,33%!

Now let’s look at some WhatsApp statistics:

  • 98% of messages sent through WhatsApp are opened and read. (Source: Mailchimp)

  • 25 x On average, users open their WhatsApp 23-25 times a day. (Source: Mailchimp)

  • 38 minutes daily is the average time active WhatsApp users spend with this app (Source: leadmonk)

This difference is HUGE! People are used to reading WhatsApp messages as they think about that app as a channel for talking to friends & family. That’s why it’s easier to reach them and catch their interest.

Because of that, with LiveChat’s WhatsApp Campaigns, you can easily:

  • Boost your sales

  • Make the customer experience even better

  • Outsmart the competition by using a new channel to promote your products or services

Stop sending marketing mailings - your customers get dozens of them daily and rarely even open them. Instead, use WhatsApp to unlock fantastic business opportunities.

How do the Campaigns work?

See for yourself:

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