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Meta onboarding flow

LiveChat start

The whole onboarding process starts from LiveChat and is very simple.

It should take approximately 2 minutes 🔥

When you’re trying to add your first number, you have to choose one of 3 available plans: Starter $29/month, Standard $39/month, and Full $79/month

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 11.57.03-20240509-095709.png

When you’ve chosen the required plan you’ll get a pop-up with adding payment method. Please fill in all data with a credit card and then accept the purchase. Your card will be charged.


Important note! According to the terms of services, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction with the use of our services

When it’s confirmed continue with facebook button will appear. Please click on it


Meta pop-up and authorization


After filling out the credentials you should get the next screen granting permissions


Filling out data

Now you must choose or create the Meta Business Account, enter your Business Name, profile page and Country. When it’s completed click the Next button



In this step, you have to choose or create a WhatsApp Business account and WhatsApp Business Profile. When it’s completed hit the Next



To create your business profile, enter Display Name (it will be shown to your customers in WhatsApp), choose the Category, and optionally fill in the Business description and website URL.


When all required data are provided, you have to enter the phone number you’re going to integrate with your WhatsApp account. Please choose the verification method for your One-time-password (OTP).

This can be either the a Text message or a Phone call


OTP and finish installation

Please enter your verification code, which is valid for the time shown on the screen. After that, please confirm permissions. In the last step, you should get the final window that says you’re ready.




Voilà! Your first number has been added and is ready to use. In LiveChat, in the connected numbers tab, you can manage your numbers and plans, change the chatting group, upgrade plans, etc.

LiveChat dashboard number view

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 13.40.13-20240509-114018.png

The upgrade option displays available plans:


Delete option allows you to remove numbers from Meta WhatsApp Manager.


Adding more numbers

If you consider adding the second number into LiveChat, on right top hand-side please choose +Add new number


You’ll be prompted to choose one of the available plans, and confirm payment


When it’s done, the connect with facebook button will be available to use.


After click you will start the process of adding a number in Meta just like when adding the first number, those steps are exactly the same. When you confirm OTP code your number should be visible in LiveChat panel.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 13.46.07-20240509-114613.png

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